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This is a fundraiser for The Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M of Virginia Library, Museum, and Historical Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, 100% of the proceeds go to the Library Museum.

These Masonic Titanic Lapel Pins and Coins have turned out to be a collector’s item and are being purchased by Masons and Titanic enthusiasts around the World. They are also currently on display in these museums, The Grand Lodge of Virginia museum, The Titanic Historical Society in Indian Orchard, MA. The museum in Roxboro, NC. (Woody's home town.) The Nova Scotia museum, and others. Even a cousin of Brother Woody in Eroe, CO. purchased some to share with family members.

Betty-Bruce had this to say "I received my order today and am very pleased. Please save 3 more lapel pins with accompanying cards for me. I will order formally later today through Google as I did before. Oscar Woody was my paternal grandmother's cousin. We are so happy to see him honored in such special ways. Your pin design is lovely. As the granddaughter, daughter, and wife of Masons, I know that this is a special tribute. Many thanks "

These unique commemorative collector Masonic Titanic Lapel Pins and Coins were custom designed to honor those Freemasons that lost their lives when the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912. Thy honor one Mason in particular, Brother Oscar Scott Woody.

Brother Woody was one of five Postal workers on the Titanic. He was born April 15, 1868 and died on his 44th birthday. A native of Roxboro North Carolina, he owned a home in Clifton. When his body was recovered floating in the Ocean over a week later, among other Masonic items found on him was his Masonic dues card for Acacia Lodge No. 16 A.F. & A.M in Clifton Station Va, now simply known as Clifton Va.

North Carolina Governor Mike Easley proclaimed November 24, 2003 as "Oscar Scott Woody Day." On June 25, 2004 The President of the United States signed a Bill designating the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 223 South Main Street in Roxboro, NC. as the "Oscar Scott Woody Post Office Building". In addition, the NC. Museum of Natural Sciences released a commemorative envelope with a cancellation stamp honoring him. More information about Oscar Scoot Woody... And on April 7, 2009 the Clifton town council adopted a proclamation declaring every April 15th as "Oscar Scott Woody Day."

After nearly 100 years from being recovered from his body, on November 11, 2006 Brother Woody's water stained Acacia Lodge No. 16 dues card finally made its way back to Virginia and is currently on display at the Grand Lodge of Virginia museum in Richmond Virginia and is pictured for reference. Note the trowel over the Square and Compasses, it is signed by Worshipful D. W. Buckley, Secretary. Also in the museum display case next to his dues card are one of these Masonic Titanic Lapel Pins and two of the commemorative Masonic Titanic Coins.

Depicted on the Lapel Pin and the front side of the Coin is a replica of the Titanic, right down to the number and color of smoke stacks, antenna wires, and even the lookout tower. Imposed overtop of the Titanic are the Freemasons Square and Compasses with the letter “G” in the middle. Embed in the top of the Compasses is a plastic diamond, which is the birth stone for the month of April. Around the border are the words “OSCAR SCOTT WOODY” “VA. FREEMASON” and two sprigs of Acacia (Evergreen) which is an emblem used by Freemasons and symbolically represents their faith in the immortality of the soul. In the inner circle are the dates he was born "APRIL 15, 1868" and died "APRIL 15, 1912" and at the bottom is the word “TITANIC”

To assure that the details of this great ship could be seen, the Lapel Pin was made extra large at 1-1/4” and the Coin at 2" across. They have a gold colored edge and are brightly multi-colored with gold colored letters, white, blue and green background, and the colors of the Titanic, Red, Black, and Yellow.

The pictures just does not do these justice, you need to see one in person.

Masonic Titanic souvenir commemorative collectors coin. Measures 2 inches across and weights a healthy 2 ounces.


The depiction on the front side of the Masonic Titanic Coin is exactly the same as the Lapel Pin.


The backside says. "Stead Fast In Peril" "In Memory of Masons who lost their live" "April 15, 1912"

Each Lapel Pin or Coin comes with a 4x6 card that has a picture of Oscar Scott Woody, the Dues Card, and the Masonic Titanic Logo, along with historical information and facts.

Masonic Titanic Lapel Pin

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Masonic Titanic Coin

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Get yours now! They are already a collector’s item!!! and are in museums around the World. Anyone can purchase these unique Masonic Titanic collector items, Masons and Non-Masons. Questions can be directed to 703-791-9522

In May of 2008 Brother William Baumbach (me) came up with the design idea of the Masonic Square and Compasses imposed overtop of the Titanic. There was a redesign in December 2010 which changed some of the wording and added the diamond.

About the Dues Card; Worshipful Tom Hatcher longtime secretary and Past Master of Acacia Lodge No. 16 told Brother William Baumbach (me) of the existence of the dues card several years ago. Wor. Tom expressed his concerns that the dues card was at the Grand Lodge of Maryland and that the dues card should be here in Virginia and how very much he wished it was. Bro. William told Wor. Tom that he would check into it. It was not until a few years later in early 2006 that Bro. William called on the phone and emailed both the Grand Lodge's of Maryland and Virginia, Brother William never received an answer from either of the two Grand Lodges. But in November 2006 at the Grand Lodge of Virginia annual meeting in Richmond Va., the Grand Master of Maryland presented the dues card to the GL of Va. Although Bro. William was not in the room when the dues card was presented, he was in Richmond at the hotel and found out about it within a hour or so, Wor. Tom was not there, but Bro. William immediately called Wor. Tom from his cell phone, and was pleased to informed him of the great news. Wor. Tom thanked Bro. William for his efforts and the great news, and was very pleased that it finally arrived in Va. Wor. Tom died just 13 months later. Bro. Woody's widow lived in Maryland, this is how the dues card came to be in the possession of the GL of Md. for a time it was on loan to the National Postal Museum. As of Nov 11, 2006 it is on loan in perpetuity by the GL of MD to the GL of Va.

According to The Stamp Collecting Report dated 1998 the GL of MD had other effects belonging to Bro. Woody, and put them up for auction. interesting letter

Replica Copies of the dues card? Still working on this story...

Note: 04-15-2012. Woody's widow later lived in Washington DC. It is said that at the time of his death they both lived in DC. But I think it was Clifton, Va. See page 8 of the Grand Lodge of Maryland magazine for more info on how the GL of MD ended up with Woody's belongings. The GL of MD received Woody's items in 1963.